The Kimberley Society

Welcome to the Kimberley Society

In the remote north of Western Australia, the spectacular Kimberley region contains unrivalled scenery, unique flora and fauna, and a rich Aboriginal culture. It also has a European history dating from Abel Tasman's visit over 300 years ago.

The Kimberley is one of the last great wilderness areas of the world. In area it is larger than the State of Victoria, and it extends from the red dune fields of the Great Sandy Desert through rugged sandstone escarpments to a mangrove-fringed sub-tropical coast.

The region was named after the Earl of Kimberley, who was Secretary of State for the Colonies when explorer Alexander Forrest travelled through the area in 1879.

Spectacular scenery abounds. Gorges, waterfalls, rugged ranges and numerous islands all combine to form this ancient landscape. Within this environment, a living Aboriginal culture that is tens of thousands of years old is reflected in impressive galleries of rock paintings. Add to this the more recent colourful influence of Asians, and a European history of privateering, pearling, prospecting and cattle kings to form an incredibly rich tapestry ready for your discovery.

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