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Kimberley Society (Inc)

Notes to explain the need to change the Society’s Constitution

by Special Resolution at the AGM on 5 April 2017


  1. The Associations Incorporation Act (2015) requires all incorporated Associations such as Kimberley Society to either accept the new Model Rules or modify their existing Constitution to conform with the new Act by 2018.

  2. The new Model Rules are broadly compatible with our existing Constitution, and we can modify some of our Membership Categories to be in line with the new Rules. Most of these changes are of a minor nature.

  3. The Society needs to approve a Special Resolution at the AGM to adopt the new Model Rules, a copy of which is available on the Society’s website.

  4. Changes from the Society’s Constitution, which has been in operation since 1993, to conform with the Model Rules under the new Act include:

  • President becomes Chairperson

  • Management Council becomes Committee

  • One Deputy Chairperson instead of two Vice Presidents

  • A person must not hold 2 or more offices at the same time

  • Membership to consist of Ordinary Members with full voting rights, and Associate Members with no voting rights.

  •  In order to retain our current membership classifications so that all except Complimentary Members have full voting rights, we need to record Family Members as individual Ordinary Members but offer a discount for the second member of a family, and also have a discount rate for Ordinary Members previously classified as Concessional Members.

5. We also propose changing the number of Committee Members that constitute a quorum from the current 5 to 4 to ensure efficient management of the Society.


Mike Donaldson


Kimberley Society

New Model Rules and Guidance Notes


General Meetings

The Society holds General Meetings on the first Wednesday of every month except January commencing 7.15 for 7.30 pm.  These meetings are held at the Dalkeith Hall, 97 Waratah Avenue, Dalkeith. At these meetings invited speakers present talks on various aspects of the Kimberley. Council endeavours to organise a varied program that cover, among other topics, history, botany, fauna, rock art, marine biology etc.

 2017 Program

February 1 Walking (and helicopter) adventures in the Kimberley 2016. Mike Donaldson, Jeff Gresham and Roger Passmore

March 1 Kimberley Visions: understanding rock art style provinces. Sam Harper, Sven Ouzman and Peter Veth 

April 5 Sea, sand and stromatolites: recent Geological Survey WA activities in the Kimberley. Chris Phillips

May 3 The past. the present, and the future: Aboriginal cultural heritage in the Kimberley. Sam Lovell AM

June 7 Captain Mizuno's Fantastic Holiday: THe Japanese non-invasion of Australia.  Greg Dodds

July 5 Creating community edible gardens in the Kimberley. Sabrina Hahn

August 2 TBA

September 6 TBA

October 4 TBA

November 1 TBA

December 6 TBA



Please note that, with many of our speakers involved in work-related travel, this program may change at short notice. Should a speaker not be available, the topic may differ on the evening.

Members and visitors are invited to stay for supper after the meetings.

The Society asks a $2.00 hospitality fee from non-members.































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